Behind the Silver Screen

HoZ Vids: Romantic Comedy Chase Supercut

I want something to be very clear right now: We Love Romantic Comedies. As an ode to the genre, and because I personally feel guilty for hate-watching rom-coms on Netflix (real talk though, No Strings Attached, you could have tried a little harder), I threw together a supercut of my favorite romantic trope: The Run.

He’s made a mistake. He fell for the wrong girl/ignored the girl’s declaration of love/made a selfish bet/pretended to be her bodyguard to seduce her away from her fiance. But suddenly, it’s so clear. He loves her and cannot live without her one more single second. And for some reason, he can’t just call her cell and tell her. No, he needs to run to her. Literally run. All the way through New York City, a place riddled with transportation opportunities. Risk federal imprisonment by racing after her through the airport without going through security.

But enough of me: watch how it turns out for yourself.

(I own nothing. Not in the gypsy waif-sense, in the intellectual property rights sense.)

Note how excellent James McAvoy and Tom Cruise in particular are at running. This video was very close to just being 4 solid minutes of those two, especially because Hugh Grant is fairly terrible. He is the least urgent chaser ever.

Songs: “Some Boys” by Death Cab for Cutie
“It Had to Be You” by Frank Sinatra

Film Breakdown:

Sabrina (1954 version, obvi.)
Jerry Maguire
When Harry Met Sally
She’s All That
Notting Hill
Starter for 10
Love Actually
Like Crazy
The Graduate
Not Another Teen Movie
Sears Commercial (ok it’s cheating, I’m aware)
Love Me If You Dare

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