A Study in Starlets

The 15 Most Hated Celebrities on Urban Dictionary

Star Magazine recently released their list of the 20 Most Hated Celebrities in Hollywood (Gwyneth Paltrow is #1, the poor simpleton). It goes without saying that I immediately felt compelled and inspired to create my own list. I’m sure the fine people at Star only use the most scientific methods of compilation, but I decided to conduct all my research using the most accurate and all-encompassing fountain of knowledge known to man: Urban Dictionary.

I don’t feel quite comfortable divulging the amount of hours I have spent on Urban Dictionary over the years, but just know that it is sizable. It’s where I go to learn about every slang term, cultural phrase, and depraved sexual act that I wouldn’t otherwise be privy to.


I trust anything this man says.

The best part? ANYONE can submit a definition, from swooning fangirls to impassioned maniacs. You can really get to know the extreme polarity of opinions on any given topic – especially when that topic is a celebrity. You’ve never seen true dogmatic debate until you see Urban Dictionary users go back and forth on the sexual preferences of Justin Bieber.

You can pretty much guarantee any of your favorite (or least favorite) stars have been ripped to shreds on Urban Dictionary, but I found these 15 celebs to be the most insanely hated. And since I don’t want to be TOO much of a downer, I’ve also included a few nuggets of unconditional fan love. Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: In order to retain the literary credibility of my sources, I have kept all grammar and spelling exactly as I found it. #endcensorship)

1. Ashton Kutcher

ashtonHatefully defined:
One of the worst actors every to grace the screen. Every single one of his roles is exactly the same, the charming moron. Girls like him because he’s famous. Girls like Kid Rock because he’s famous too. Does that say anything?

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Child: Mommy, what’s wrong with that monkey on the TV?
Mother: He’s Ashton Kutcher. And I don’t know, Billy. I don’t know.

Fanatically defended:
Hott…awsome actor n just an awesome Guy for my friend megan!!

2. Katy Perry

107346540--2867529226683823083Hatefully defined:
1. proof that the world is coming to an end

2. She is super inspirational. Her song firework really helped me through tough times when my ipod died. Her chorus for firework is so magical when she rhymes boom boom boom with moon moon moon, i die of happiness. Also you you you is rhymed with moon moon moon. Lastly, she tops it off with rhyming ah ah ah with ah ah ah.

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Katy Perry: “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through that wind, wanting to started again?”
You: No.

Fanatically defended:
In My apinion she is a musical genius.

3. Donald Trump

donaldHatefully defined:
1. some stupid guy whos last name makes me laugh

2. synonym for hair that looks like a racoon you just shoveled of the highway

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Idiot #1: Durrr donald trump’s hair is so supa bad, how could someone with bad hair be president.

Fanatically defended:
An extremely smart business man that realizes the most important issues our country faces today, i.e. the fact that China and other country’s are ripping us off right in front of our faces.

4. Lindsay Lohan

102667621--1637106684529140115Hatefully defined:
Ginger. Used to be hott. But now she’s blonde and i jusx hate blondes no offence yah dig.

Hatefully used in a sentence:
lindsay lohan is a boring teen idol who makes me so depressed with american culture today that i’m just gonna have to go back to sniffing crack because people are so tasteless.

Fanatically defended:
Lindsay Lohan reminds me of my great grandmother.

5. John Mayer

johnmayerHatefully defined:
1. (n) This is another name for Douche, a guy who doesn’t know a good thing when he has it.

2. (v) To screw something up

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Glen – Hey guy’s isn’t John Mayer the best?
Everyone else in the entire world – No.

Fanatically defended:
An amazin guitarist/lyricist that can make anyone sit down and listen, and then cry for hours because he’s so amazing and can’t be replicated.

6. Miley Cyrus

mileyhair--530134273794729530Hatefully defined:
Someone who could kill Chuck Norris with her singing.

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Girl: I love Miley Cyrus, I want to be just like her!
Mother: Sweetie, why would you do that to me? Can’t you just be a stripper instead??

Fanatically defended:
She loves sharpies, and is a pink leperchaun. And she’s the cooliest person ever.

7. Justin Bieber

bieberflex1018529999036316597--1805085738971357109Hatefully defined:
(v) The act of sucking.

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Justin Bieber sucks

Fanatically defended:
He is the most amazong, HAWTest boy in this effing planet(: i LOOVVEE that boooyy:D look him up on youtube.

8. Kristen Stewart

kstewhate--1830824528178075025Hatefully defined:
1. (n) An actress best known for playing in Twilight. She needs to get a personality and shampoo.

2. (v) to stutter, gag, not make direct eye contact when speaking to someone, and otherwise lack public speaking skills

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Random Person: Hey, how did that mirror break?
Other Random Person: Oh, I tried to put a picture of Kristen Stewart on it.

Fanatically defended:
The amazingly hot and tallented young actress that all men want to bang.

9. Oprah

oprahHatefully defined:
The world’s current Sith Lord

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Oprah is on, turn that TV off.

Fanatically defended:
the hottest women over 40.

10. Nicolas Cage

nicolasHatefully defined:
a rather stupid, overly larged foreheaded actor who is physically unable to show restraint when accepting film roles.

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Nicolas Cage is quite similar to a large fart.

Fanatically defended:
“He was an absolute pleasure to work with, truly an extraordinary talent”. -The Mop from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

11. Paris Hilton

Paris-Hilton-at-the-MTV-Movie-Awards-1202432289748761333Hatefully defined:
1. One who looks like a cross between Big Bird, Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons, and a toucan.


Hatefully used in a sentence:

Fanatically defended:
The coolest gurl eva

12. Rebecca Black

rebeccaHatefully defined:
A vile creature who feeds on orphans and uses their screams to create music.

She is also an advocate for the “Difficult Decision- Which Seat Can I Take?” organization.

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Boy: Can you sing for me?
Girl: *lets out a repulsive plastic sounding screech*
Boy: God! Don’t be a Rebecca Black

Fanatically defended:
A talented singer who is the female version of Justin Bieber. She is most famous for her deep and insightful lyrics which have inspired the literary geniuses of many. For example, her profound philosophical vision can be observed through the lyrics “Yesterday is Thursday, today it is Friday… Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.” These lyrics are obviously an exploration of the ephemeral nature of human life, reflecting her inherent existentialist beliefs.

13. Taylor Swift

tswiftsongs3762300418143327991-2585612161452418462Hatefully defined:
1. Hilary Duff as a country singer.

2. Imma let you continue your search, but Beyonce had the best Urban Dictionary definition of ALL TIME.

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Girl: “Don’t break up with me or I’ll go Taylor Swift on you.”
Boy: *shudders*

Fanatically defended:
The most AMAZING singer on the face of the Earth!!! LOVE her!!! ❤ Say you’re sorry, that face of an angel comes out just when u need it 2. As I pace back and forth all this time cuz I honestly believed in you. Holdin on, the dayz drag on, stupid girl, i should’ve known, I should’ve known…<3

14. Tyra Banks

tyraHatefully defined:
Is admired,loved,and adored by many people from all walks of life.My mother is not one of those people.My mother has met Tyra…says she is quite snobby/snotty/passive/etc.,etc.
Let me tell you guys,my mom isn’t a liar.

Hatefully used in a sentence:
Kid: Is there something wrong with the TV?
Me: No, Tyra Banks forehead really is that big.

Fanatically defended:
Have you ever seen her in one of those Victoria’s Secret ads? She is fine! What the are you talking about “big forehead”?! Shut up!

15. Zac Efron

ZacEfronBday--3128067071291724119Hatefully defined:
A talented and charismatic young girl. But often mistaken for a hooker due to the amount of make-up.

Hatefully used in a sentence:
man that Zac Efron chick is zexy

Fanatically defended:
swrew everyone else ! HE IS SOOOO FRIGGING HOT!

all photos courtesy of wetpaint.com

3 thoughts on “The 15 Most Hated Celebrities on Urban Dictionary

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  2. I recommend not looking up your favorite celebrity on urban dictionary, especially if you really like that celebrity. I made that mistake, never gonna do it again.

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